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Actively contributing to the improvement of living conditions for economically & socially disadvantaged people


Powered by CLICK, touya.ra@gmail.com
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Coalition for Lao Information, Communication & Knowledge

HELVETAS Laos wishes to contribute to dissemination of information, facilitating access & exchange, building local knowledge and skills, as part of our commitment to support the capacity of local actors, institutions and organizations to take a more active role & informed position in decision making & development processes, contributing to a more sustainable, equitable and secure future for the Lao PDR.

CLICK is a local initiative which unites multiple stakeholders from the development sector with shared willingness to exchange information, resources and tools, and a commitment to a type of development with broader benefits not for one, but all.

HELVETAS Laos recognizes this local initiative and joined its Network to support its efforts in raising awareness and facilitating access to information in Laos contributing to human resource development in the country.



CLICK Guiding Principle

In accordance with Article 44 of the Lao Constitution:

Lao citizens have the right and freedom of speech, press and assembly; and have the right to set up associations and to state demonstration which are not contrary to the laws



The Vision of CLICK can be described through the general commitment of the Dongdok SAID: We commit ourselves to working together in order to improve access to information that will enhance the participation and empowerment of the citizens of Laos in their own development, and support the Government and its development partners in fulfilling the goal of poverty eradication.



Coalition for Lao Information, Communication and Knowledge plays a role in human resource development through provision of information, communication and knowledge for the alleviation of poverty and development of the Lao PDR.




Open access to information and communication in development for the society.

Build capacity for relevant organizations in using effective tools for information and communication such as websites, email, mobile phones, etc.

Coordinate with relevant organizations within and outside the country for the purpose of cooperation in the areas that fit to the scope of the coalition. These organizations include Governmental, Educational, Development, and Civil Society institutions.



On-going activities of the CLICK include the biggest online library of Lao materials, lao44.org; the first online discussion group in Lao language, LaoLink and the well-known discussion group on farmer and agri-business, LaoFAB.



There are currently14 organizations in the network covering all sectors working in development in Laos (Governmental; non-governmental local & international, and civil society).

The members of the network are: NAFES, NAFRI, Helvetas, CIDSE, MCC, SNV, VFI, CRWRC, PADETC, GDG, PORDEA, SAEDA and EDC.












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