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Actively contributing to the improvement of living conditions for economically & socially disadvantaged people


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Welcome to HELVETAS Laos

  • HELVETAS is a non-profit Swiss Association for International Cooperation, founded in 1955.  HELVETAS has more than 40’000 members in Switzerland supporting its word wide activities. HELVETAS works in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Helvetas in Laos

HELVETAS started to work in Lao P.D.R. in 2001 with the Laos Extension for Agriculture Project (LEAP) funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

HELVETAS in Laos has been focusing mainly on the agriculture sector, addressing issues related to organic agriculture promotion and food security in the country.

Other sectors such as Education and Culture, Civil Society and State which are part of HELVETAS’ working areas shall gain more and more importance.

HELVETAS Laos strives to maximize complementarity and cross-learning between its different projects in Laos, as well as in Vietnam. HELVETAS Laos believes that sustainable development is a communal effort, and is best achieved in cooperation & coordination with others, as such HELVETAS Laos is pro-active in partnership building with other INGOs working in Laos and in the region.

Besides institutional strengthening of governmental partners, HELVETAS Laos also wishes to support the government’s efforts in recognizing the valuable role of civil society in the development of the country.  In support of this, HELVETAS Laos will engage with emerging civil society in Lao PDR. Among HELVETAS Laos priorities is to explore & identify new forms of partnership with local organisations and networks, including Non-Profit Associations (NPA), and local civil society.


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